samos island

Samos island, Greece

The Samos island is considered to be richly gifted with natural beauties, which have often been recognized and promoted by the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT).

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Bright green forests and flora, spread to the clear and crystal waters, will captivate any visitor.


The fertile land of Samos produces high quality products, such as the local wine (famous since antiquity and currently worldwide known) and the carefully selected olive oil.


Samos island is also famous for "offering" to the human civilization some of the greater personalities of ancient Greece. The famous mathematician Pythagoras, the fabulist Aesop, the philosopher Epicurus and Aristarchus, who designed the first solar map, were all born and raised in Samos.


All the above mentioned factors have contributed to a great economic and cultural development of the island during antiquity, leaving us the legacy of miraculous ancient, and not only, treasures

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